Her Late Husband Secretly Put Her Mother-In-Law In Charge Of His Estate, And Now She Has No Control Over Her Money

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This woman spent twenty years with her husband before he was tragically diagnosed with terminal cancer.

And as you can imagine, there is a lot to figure out when a partner is terminally ill. So, they made an appointment to get their estate and wills in order.

“Because I did not want our kid to end up with his mom,” she added.

But, the night before the appointment, she and her husband got into a really big fight. And the worst part is that she does not even remember exactly what the argument was about because the cause was so insignificant.

Instead, all she knows is that her husband– who has a history of anger and control issues– ran away from home as he often did after a fight.

But, instead of going to a friend’s house, as usual, he was forced to go to his mother’s house since all of his friends were asleep.

This alone turned what was supposed to be a “one-night thing” into a week-and-a-half-long stay away from home. During that time, her husband did not even speak to her or their son.

So, if you could not have guessed, her husband ended up going to the will appointment without her.

Then, she also found out that he had changed the beneficiary of his life insurance from her to their son “for tax purposes.”

PhotoBook – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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