Her Mother-In-Law Denied Her Food And Ostracized Her Weight At Her Own Baby Shower, So She Left, And Her Husband Actually Freaked Out

SYARGEENKA - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband are currently expecting their first son together. So, her sister-in-law decided to throw her a baby shower.

But her mother-in-law completely ruined the entire day over something so stupid– her appearance.

“I am a bit of a big girl. But, no shame in that, I love myself just the way I am, and I have been living by the motto, ‘Be you, everybody else is taken,'” she explained.

“But, my mother-in-law always made comments about my weight. And ever since I got pregnant, she started making more comments and lowkey shaming me for what I eat.”

For example, whenever she would go to her mother-in-law’s house, they would only serve her a smaller portion size. Plus, she would only be given smaller plates, cups, and even utensils. How demeaning.

Plus, her mother-in-law even still buys her size small clothing despite her being in her second trimester of pregnancy.

And sadly, this degrading behavior even continued on the day of her own baby shower.

It all began after she arrived at the event, spoke to all of the guests, and started to get kind of hungry. So, she walked over to the food table– which only contained cake and juice– and tried to get some.

But, her mother-in-law was serving the food for whatever reason. And after her mother-in-law saw her reaching for the cake, they literally grabbed her arm before making some outrageous comments.

SYARGEENKA – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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