Her Sister And Brother-In-Law Totally Trashed Their Bedroom While Vacationing At Her House, So She Told Them They Are Not Allowed Back Next Year

But, the real trouble began one day after Becky left– because once she went to clean up the spare room, she realized that Becky and her husband had totally trashed the place.

First of all, there were food wrappers, crumbs, and plastic bottles just thrown all over the floor. Plus, there were food stains all over the bed sheets (gross), as well as scratches on the furniture that apparently were never there before. How odd.

“There’s also an awful smell in the room that we cannot get rid of,” she revealed. Yikes!

So, she was honestly pretty pissed off and decided to text Becky photos of the destroyed room. She also made sure to let Becky know that leaving her house like that was unacceptable– especially since her sister was a guest at her home. Becky did end up apologizing and claiming that she and her husband were just in “holiday mode” and wanted to let loose. Still, though, she did not care and actually ended up telling Becky off.

“I told Becky that my husband and I are not her maids, and I said that she and her family are not allowed to come back next year,” she recalled.

Becky did not take the consequences of her actions well, though. Instead, Becky actually freaked out, claimed she was being irrational and said that the spare room was only a bit messy. But, she refused to let Becky downplay the situation and reiterated how she and her husband do not want their house to be treated like a dump.

Anyway, the argument has since gotten blown a bit out of proportion because now, she and Becky’s parents are even involved. And apparently, they are taking Becky’s side. In fact, her parents have actually accused her of acting pretentious, thinking she is better than everyone else, and treating Becky unfairly.

So, she has been left wondering if just wanting her house to be treated with respect somehow makes her the jerk in this situation.

If you are a guest at someone’s home, do you have a responsibility to clean up after yourself? After finding the trashed bedroom, do you believe she handled the situation correctly? What would you have done if you were in her shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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