Her Sister-In-Law Promised To Make Her A Custom Dress For A Halloween Costume, But Then She Let Someone Else Wear It Before She Even Got To See It

MARIIA - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual dog

2 years ago, a 31-year-old woman went out shopping for Halloween along with her 33-year-old sister-in-law, who is also a good friend of hers.

She struggled to find a costume that she really liked, and so her sister-in-law offered to make her a custom costume so long as she purchased the fabric for it.

Her sister-in-law is a seamstress and has her own sewing shop inside her house. She that it was a great idea to have her sister-in-law custom-make a costume for her, so they went fabric shopping together.

She ended up spending more than $100 on the fabric for her costume, and her sister-in-law then mentioned she would not be able to put the costume together before Halloween of 2020.

She was concerned that it would take her sister-in-law some time to make the costume; she was just thrilled to be able to wear it at some point.

“Flash forward to now; I still do not have the costume,” she explained. “I haven’t made a big deal about it because I know she is busy with other projects, and she has told me it isn’t finished yet.”

“Last night, she posted photos of her and her friends at a pumpkin patch dressed in Halloween costumes, and one of her friends is wearing my dress. The dress that I haven’t even seen or gotten to try on.”

“I sent her a message asking about it, and she laughed and said her friend is actually wearing my dress. I let her know that it was upsetting as I haven’t even seen it or tried it on.”

Her sister-in-law never said sorry. Instead, she’s being trying to make her feel bad by insisting it’s not something to make an issue out of.

MARIIA – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual dog

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