Her Stepsister Made Out With Her Boyfriend At Prom And Is Now Dating Him, So That’s The Reason Why She’s Not Going To Share Her College Money With Her

So, anyway, in light of Daniel cheating on her with Lily, she decided to no longer go to the college they planned on attending so she doesn’t have to run into Daniel, but Daniel still wants to go there.

She found a different college she can get into, and it’s a lot more affordable than her first pick was.

“Therefore, I will only need a small part of my college fund,” she said. “My mom set this fund up with my dad, and because they both earn pretty good money, it has enough money for multiple years at whatever uni I’d like.”

“Meanwhile, Lily has almost no money saved up for college cause her parents didn’t set up a fund in time.”

She just found out that Lily wants to go to the same college as Daniel, but she can’t afford to do that without having to take out an enormous loan. Lily had the audacity to ask her to fork over her college fund since she won’t be using it, but she told Lily no.

She wants to be able to use this money for other things, and it does rightfully belong to her. Also, why would she want to help Lily after she stole her boyfriend?

“But she and stepdad are calling me a selfish brat that isn’t capable of sharing,” she continued. “My mom says it’s my money, and I get to decide what to do with it. Daniel recently also started texting me and pressuring me into giving Lily my money, so they can stay together.”

She’s left wondering if she should give Lily her money after all. Do you think so?

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