His Best Friend Just Revealed That She’s Spent Years Sleeping With A Mannequin And He Isn’t Sure How To Get Her Help

Pixel-Shot - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A guy has a best female friend that he has known for quite some time now. They have a long-distance friendship, and they have never met one another in real life.

Despite that, their friendship kind of evolved into something more, but several years back, they chose to go back to being strictly friends, and that transition worked out well for them.

In the aftermath of downgrading their relationship back to friends, everything has gone great.

They’re super close to one another, and they talk about everything. They chat about events in their lives; they gossip, they vent; she really is his best friend, and he knows she feels the same about him…

…But she expects more out of their relationship.

He has mentioned to her that he’s not interested in them being more than friends again, and he doesn’t want a relationship, and he thought she took the news well, though she will occasionally say things that negate her understanding of his position on things.

He doesn’t want to do anything to compromise or destroy their friendship, and he’s confident that at the end of the day, she feels the same.

This all really isn’t the issue, though here; there’s something else going on with his friend that he thinks is alarming.

“In a couple of messages, she mentioned a mannequin,” he explained. “I wasn’t exactly sure how to respond to it, and I figured it was just a weird turn of phrase or something. It was not a turn of phrase, and I don’t know what to do now.”

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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