His Brother Won’t Come To His Wedding Because He’s Marrying A Girl That Was A Bully In College

Gorodetskaya - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 24-year-old guy is currently engaged to a 27-year-old girl named Jen. He’s been in a relationship with Jen for the last 3 years, and he thinks that Jen is incredible, even though she comes with “a bit of a rocky past.”

You see, back in college, Jen was friends with a bunch of mean girls who relentlessly bullied a girl named Liz, and it’s pretty clear that Jen was in on the bullying.

“I knew Liz because my dad was friends with hers, we would talk sometimes, but we weren’t close,” he explained. “Liz is friends with my half-brother John (31m) now.”

“John knows about the bullying, he can’t stand Jen because of that. Jen obviously is remorseful; they were young and acted out of jealousy.”

“We’ve all tried to get John to understand, but he doesn’t want to hear anything, so we’ve just let it be.”

He says that Jen has attempted to send Liz messages on social media, but Liz did block Jen from being able to contact her.

Liz confided in John about the bully, and John even read a couple of the messages that Jen sent to Liz.

Anyway, he recently made out invitations for his upcoming wedding to Liz, and when he got John’s reply back, he was shocked to see that John said he can’t attend the wedding.

He decided to ask John why he wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding, and John said it’s because of how Jen treated Liz.

Gorodetskaya – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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