His Mother Showed Up To His Wedding With His Late Wife’s Parents, So He Kicked Her Out

matilda553 - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Six years ago, this man tragically lost his wife. They dated for four years before being married for just one year. Then, she sadly passed away, and the loss was felt by both him and his family.

“My mom loved her as a daughter since I am her only child, and I guess she never truly recovered,” he explained.

However, he met another woman named Helena after his wife died, and the pair truly fell in love. So now, he is certain that his late wife was not the love of his life– even though he cared for her in a special way.

Despite that, though, his mother has apparently never liked Helena or their relationship. In fact, his mother believes that he moved on “too quickly” and refuses to acknowledge that he could possibly love Helena more than his late wife.

And his mother apparently made Helena know about her disapproval since they began dating. But Helena was just trying to get accepted into the family and asked him not to make a big deal about his mother’s actions. So, he refrained.

Well, that was until the pair got engaged this year and started planning their wedding, and his mother would not stop comparing the two ceremonies.

For example, when he and his late wife got married, they were young and could not afford a huge event. Now, though, he is very financially stable and can afford to host a big and beautiful wedding.

But, the real cherry on top was when his mother asked him several times to invite his late wife’s parents.

She claimed that the invite would be an “act of love,” but he found his mother’s request to be totally bizarre.

matilda553 – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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