His Wife Bought Him A Birthday Cake, But Then He Made One From Scratch So He Could Have The Exact Flavor He Wanted, And She Screamed At Him

JenkoAtaman - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Every single year for his birthday, this 32-year-old guy looks forward to getting to enjoy a very particular kind of cake.

It’s a cherry cake covered in chocolate, and growing up, his dad or mom would always make one from scratch for him, as this particular flavor wasn’t something any of the stores or bakeries near them made.

After he moved out of the house, he began making this exact birthday cake for himself every year.

He then met his wife 6 years ago, and they then got married less than a year ago. His wife has always known about his special birthday cake, and every year on his birthday, she would help him bake it, or she knew his parents made the cake for him, or she was aware that he would make it himself.

He never once asked his wife to make his special birthday cake for him, though, let alone expected this to be something she had to do.

So, this year right before his birthday rolled around, his wife wanted to know what kind of cake he would like.

He informed her that he wanted to have his special birthday cake that he has every year, and her response was that she didn’t feel up to baking him one.

He reassured his wife that it was not a problem because he would make the cake himself. But, his wife wound up asking him again what kind of cake he wanted, and he told her for a second time that he wanted to make his special cake to have.

Well, one day before his birthday, he arrived home from work and had purchased everything he needed to make his cake.

JenkoAtaman – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual dog

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