If You Enjoy Dark Humor, You’ll Love Reading These Totally Inappropriate Funeral Food Suggestions

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About 2.4 million funerals are held in the United States alone every single year. And, for the most part, they follow the same general tradition.

The ceremonies are commonly held at funeral homes, churches, or gravesides. They also often include the reading of religious passages if the deceased were religious. Finally, music, a eulogy, and a prayer.

As for the attendees, it is expected that everyone dress in black– or at least a dark color– to signify mourning. Then, after the formal funeral is finished, families tend to either serve food or go out to eat a meal together.

And obviously, attending a funeral is never really a joyous affair. So, people tend to cope in various ways– from crying to ignorance to anger.

But, one of the most common, yet seemingly inappropriate, ways that loved ones can cope is by cracking jokes and sharing a laugh in the face of grief.

And recently, over one thousand people exposed their darkly humorous sides online in one of the most hilariously inappropriate Reddit threads of all time.

There, people shared what they believed would be the most disrespectful foods to serve at a funeral.

An Homage To The Final Resting Place

One of the most outrageous food suggestions was worms and dirt pudding cups. You know, like those little desserts kids often make in kindergarten?

ChiccoDodiFC – – illustrative purpose only

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