If You Enjoy Dark Humor, You’ll Love Reading These Totally Inappropriate Funeral Food Suggestions

Tons of other users also suggested how to spruce up this age-old sweet treat in terrible ways. For instance, you can add some Lifesavers gummies or Dem Bones candies on top just to get a laugh.

“I am writing this into my will as a requirement,” shared one Reddit user.

“I would approve of this for my own funeral,” added another.

A “John Tucker Must Die” Moment

Remember at the end of this classic early 2000s movie when the birthday cake was unveiled and dancers popped out? Well, a bunch of Reddit users thought this would be the ultimate farewell meal fit for a funeral.

However, instead of dancers, some people offered up even more horrible ideas. For instance, dressing up the dancers as grieving widows– yikes! Or actually putting the deceased inside the cake.

“It’s more disrespectful if you put the deceased inside. Maybe attach them to a big spring, like a Jack-In-The-Box,” added one user. Can you imagine?

Every Kind Of Food The Deceased Hated

Hey, if whoever passed away cannot actually attend the funeral, then the actual guests should get to enjoy whatever food they like, right?

According to a bunch of Reddit users, this is perfectly sound logic. So, instead of serving the deceased person’s favorite foods, they suggested serving everything they despised.

One person even claimed that they actually hope their loved ones do this at their funeral– and do not believe it would be disrespectful at all.

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