If Your Best Friend Ever Winds Up Sleeping With Your Boyfriend, Two Truths And A Lie Could Be A Good Way To Name And Shame Her

How do you reveal that your best friend is sleeping with your boyfriend? You play two truths and a lie, according to TikTok creator @mariahfeghalii.

In a video from 2020, Mariah is lying on her bed in-between her two friends, @madisondecero and @victoriahammett, in what looks to be a sleepover.

While she and Victoria are distracted on their phones, Madison proceeds to ask them if they want to play a little game for TikTok. Little did they know that she had a secret motive behind her actions.

“Do you guys want to play two truths and a lie?” she asked them. They willingly agreed, thinking it would make a fun video for TikTok.

Madison starts off by stating generalized personal facts as her three options.

“I’m blonde; I used to play competitive basketball,” she begins while counting on her fingers before laying on the third and most shocking choice. “And, um, Victoria’s been sleeping with my boyfriend.”

Madison turns the camera to both Mariah and Victoria, trying to catch their reactions. Both of the girls, eyes wide, look absolutely shocked at what had just been asked.

Victoria, who is on the farthest side of the bed away from Madison, says nothing initially, looking like she doesn’t know what to say. Mariah, meanwhile, looks immediately uncomfortable.

TikTok; pictured above is Mariah in one of her videos

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