In 2006, This 23-Year-Old Texas Woman Vanished After Leaving A Club And Her Damaged Car Was Found On The Highway 5 Days Later With Her Personal Things Inside

In 2006, twenty-three-year-old Brandi Wells of Longview, Texas, was starting fresh. She had previously graduated from Chapel Hill High School and, in August, planned to begin classes at Trinity Valley Community College.

Brandi’s ultimate goal was to become a kindergarten or first-grade teacher. And in the meantime, she started a new job at Walmart to support her dream.

Just before Brandi could begin working toward her career, though, the unthinkable happened.

It all began on August 3, 2006, when Brandi visited her mother, Ellen, at about 8:00 p.m. in Tyler, Texas. Following the visit, Ellen believed her daughter was headed to a club in town.

Instead, Brandi drove to a different joint known as Graham Central Station, located on McCann Road in Longview. She was unfamiliar with the area and reportedly called the club numerous times along the way for directions.

But Brandi was eventually seen arriving at the club at about 10:30 p.m. By the time she got there, though, her car was running out of gas. So, Brandi reportedly began to ask customers for help. Although, it remains unclear if anyone assisted her.

Then, Brandi left the club just after midnight by herself. She was reportedly not intoxicated, and exactly what happened after she walked out of Graham Central Station’s doors remains unknown.

All the Wells family knows is that they never saw or heard from Brandi again.

Facebook; pictured above is Brandi

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