In 2017, She Was Strangely Found Strapped Into The Passenger Seat Of A Pickup Truck That Was Submerged In A Lake

In 2017, thirty-three-year-old Olivia Lone Bear of New Town, North Dakota, was a member of the Three Affiliated Tribes. She had five children and loved spending time with her kids more than anything.

Olivia also enjoyed golfing, playing poker with friends, and going to concerts in her free time. She was known for being a young and lively member of the New Town community.

But, on October 24, 2017, everything changed for Olivia and her family. That evening, she went to a local bar in a pickup truck she had borrowed from a friend. And later, after Olivia left driving the truck– a metallic grey 2011 Chevy Silverado– she was never seen again.

Two days came and went, and Olivia’s father, Harley, still had not heard from her. So, Harley reported his daughter missing, and an investigation was launched into Olivia’s disappearance.

Both the tribal council and local law enforcement pursued leads simultaneously; meanwhile, Olivia’s family and friends searched for answers on social media.

And in a Dateline special about Olivia’s case, her brother, Matthew, shared how he believed his sister did make it home after going to the bar. He claims that Olivia’s wallet, money, and cell phone were all found inside their house after she disappeared. The outfit she was last seen wearing was also at home, too.

This clue did not provide much more actionable information about Olivia’s whereabouts, though. Instead, authorities ended up searching the Fort Berthold Reservation, which is nearly one million acres, for months.

Then, on July 27, 2018, a volunteer search group made a shocking discovery. While using a fishing boat to comb the area, the group discovered a pickup truck submerged in Lake Sakakawea.; pictured above is Olivia

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