On A First Date With A Guy, She Climbed In His Car And Noticed It Smelled Like Bleach, But That Was Only One Of The Many Red Flags That Came Out Of This

Almost every single adult nowadays has some kind of crazy first-date story. But we are pressed to find one as weird as this one!

A young woman named Adelina (@adelinamanaut) took to TikTok to share the story of one of the creepiest interactions she has ever had on a first date.

Adelina matched with a guy on Bumble and had a little FaceTime meeting before actually seeing each other in person.

She started noticing strange mannerisms of his on camera, like the way he would hold the phone away from his body while talking to her.

“Maybe he’s just nervous,” Adelina says in her video. “So I agree to go out with him.”

For their date, the guy picked up Adelina in his car, something that she says was a “mistake.”

When Adelina got in the car, she was immediately hit with the strong smell of bleach. She was super weirded out by it and looked around the car for any other sketchy red flags.

Then, Adelina discovered a gas mask on the armrest of one of the front seats. There was also a box in the backseat of the car.

TikTok; pictured above is Adelina in her video

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