She Agreed To Pick A Guy Up For Their First Date And Things Started Off Weird When He Asked Her To Drive Him Around For Some Errands

A woman went on a first date with a guy that was so horrific she ran a red light trying to get him back home as quickly as possible.

Stephanie (@stephatx) made a story time video series on TikTok detailing everything that went wrong on this disastrous date.

She met this guy on a dating app, and they agreed to go on a date. He asked Stephanie to pick him up, which she also agreed to.

She waited outside of his house for twenty minutes while he got ready. Props to Stephanie because most people wouldn’t be so patient!

When he finally emerged, he listed a bunch of errands he needed to do, which included returning a movie rental and paying his phone bill. As a nice person, Stephanie complied and drove him around so he could complete his errands.

After the errands were done, he suggested they go to Applebee’s, his favorite restaurant. Upon arriving, he made a bizarre request to the hostess.

“He asked the hostess to sit us in a romantic setting…at Applebee’s. I’m not making this up, I swear to you,” said Stephanie.

As they were perusing the menu, Stephanie’s date suddenly changed his mind about dining at Applebee’s.

TikTok; pictured above is Stephanie

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