She Asked Her Aunt Where Her “Pretty Twin” Was After Her Aunt Compared Her To Her Identical Sister

From the start, she was not exactly thrilled to be seeing anyone. Apparently, her aunts and uncles on her mother’s side would always confuse being playful with being downright rude.

This time, though, the comments were different. It all began after she got to her grandmother’s house and went outside to hang out with everybody.

“Since it was very sunny, I put on protective clothing and a hat to avoid sunbathing. So, there was little to see, and no comments or observations were made,” she recalled.

Eventually, though, it just got too hot to handle, and she decided to take off her blouse. That’s when the trouble started.

Apparently, a few of her younger cousins– who are about two years old– saw her burns after she took off her blouse and began freaking out. In fact, they actually screamed in fear and then burst into tears.

Obviously, this made her super uncomfortable. But, at the same time, she recognized that they were just children and got over it.

It was not until her aunt came out to see why the kids were crying, though, that things got really ugly. First, her aunt asked what was wrong, and she explained.

Then, her aunt tried to reassure them by describing what had happened. And finally, for whatever reason, her aunt decided to point at her identical twin and compare them to each other.

“She would be pretty like that if it weren’t for the injuries. They are twins,” her aunt actually told the children.

She was shell-shocked to hear that comment come out of her aunt’s mouth, and honestly, it made her feel terrible. So, she decided to give her aunt a taste of her own medicine.

“I just asked, ‘Where’s yours?’ And when she got confused, I said, ‘Where’s your pretty twin? Isn’t she here?” she explained. Yikes!

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