She Baked A Cake For Her Ex And Brought It To His Birthday Party Even Though Her Ex’s New Girlfriend Told Her Not To

She refused to abide by that, though, because her kids were supposed to attend the birthday party to give their father his gifts. So, obviously, they would want to see their special cake there– and she told her ex’s girlfriend that.

She even offered to bring the kids to the party early and give her ex the cake then. That way, no other guests would see it, and her ex could just put it away inside before anyone else arrived.

“But, my ex’s girlfriend did not agree with me and repeatedly told me not to bring it,” she recalled.

Despite that, she decided to just bring the cake with her anyway and let her kids give it to their father because she just wanted them to be happy.

Ever since the party, though, she has had to deal with a lot of gossips. More specifically, her ex’s girlfriend is now complaining to their mutual friends about how she tried to ruin the birthday party on purpose.

She also got accused of being “weird” for making her ex a cake after she was told not to. Honestly, though, she really did not care about making her ex a cake– it was simply for her kids.

Still, her ex’s girlfriend’s comments have pushed her to wonder if baking and bringing the cake to the party was a rude or jerky thing to do.

Why do you think her ex’s girlfriend was so adamant about not bringing a cake to the party? Do you think she made the right decision by bringing the cake anyway? How would you handle this situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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