She Cancelled A $12,000 Check She Wrote For Her Friend’s IVF Treatment After Her Friend Mocked Her Own Infertility And Divorce

“I agreed to write her a check for twelve thousand dollars since I really wanted to help her, and the money came with no strings attached. I wrote the check and gave it to her last week, and she was very appreciative of it,” she explained.

But then, the very next day, after lending Alessia a huge helping hand, she received a text message from their mutual friend, Carol. The text included a screenshot of Carol’s conversation with Alessia and showed Alessia totally badmouthing her.

Apparently, Alessia wrote about how she hoped this next IVF cycle would work and claimed it was because “she did not want to end up divorced and having her husband go marry someone younger and have a baby with them and another one on the way while she is alone and without a family at thirty-five.”

So, obviously, she was shell-shocked and beyond hurt. I mean, from the details provided in the text, she knew that Alessia was talking about her behind her back.

Instead of confronting Alessia about the text and giving her any more attention, though, she just decided to contact her bank. Then, she canceled the twelve thousand dollar check for Alessia’s IVF.

Later that same evening, though, she then received a furious call from Alessia asking about the check. And when she explained why she canceled the funds, Alessia completely freaked out.

Alessia began claiming that she did not mean the text “that way” and that it was somehow an “inside joke” between “desperate infertile women.”

Then, Alessia and her husband even showed up at her house the next day, begging for another check.

She did not want to hear it, though, and continued refusing to hand over the money. So, an argument ensued, and Alessia’s husband got involved.

Apparently, he began accusing her of being unsupportive of Alessia; meanwhile, he claimed that Alessia had been nothing but supportive of her in the past. And afterward, Alessia and her husband left.

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