She Does Not Want To Let Her Daughter Use Her College Fund For A Wedding Or House Because She Dropped Out Of School At 16

It all began when her second eldest daughter, Katie, got accepted into college. Of course, she was over the moon for Katie and finally had to spill the good news about her daughter’s college fund.

Later that day, though, when her daughters were all talking at home, El asked Katie how she planned on paying for college. So, Katie was honest and said she planned to use her college fund. But this nearly gave her a heart attack.

“I was in the room while they were talking, and this made me panic. We had just planned on splitting it between the remaining four [children] since we knew they were going to college,” she recalled.

Then, El asked her if she also had a college fund. And she did not want to lie, so she told El that she did.

So, right before her eyes, El began to practically jump with joy. Then, El went to call her fiancé and tell him about the money before she was forced to break some bad news.

More specifically, she told El that she could not have the money since it was supposed to be for school and nothing else.

And this really upset her daughter, who ended up storming out of the house. Then, the next day, she received a call from El– who was basically begging her to cave and give her the money.

Apparently, El began crying on the phone and said that with the money, she could finally afford a down payment on a house and possibly even a wedding.

Still, though, she decided not to give in and told her daughter that the funds would only be released if and when she went back to school. Then, whatever money is left over could be used for El’s house.

Her offer did not go over well with El, though.

“She got super mad and started yelling at me, saying it’s her money. But I told her that it was my money, and those were my conditions,” she explained.

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