She Freaked Out On Her Husband For Surprising Her With A New Bike Because He Initially Lied And Used Part Of Their Emergency Fund To Buy It

She was understandably confused, though, and asked her husband where he managed to get the money from.

Well, that’s when she found out that her husband had lied to her– and she was furious.

“My husband told me that the car did not actually need work done the previous week,” she revealed.

“Instead, it was just an excuse to get the money out of our savings without me getting suspicious and ruining the surprise.”

So, she ended up totally freaking out on her husband and telling him that he needed to return the bike immediately to get their money back.

She also kind of berated her husband and called the bike a “terrible present” since he both lied to her and made her really worried about their financial situation at the same time.

And afterward, she could tell that her husband was pretty devastated by her words. He also claimed that he was just trying to do something nice for her and that she deserved the bike after how much stress she had been under the past few months.

Regardless, though, she told her husband to bring the bike back anyway. Then, she decided to call some friends and vent about the situation.

But, to her surprise, none of her friends really understood where she was coming from.

Instead, they kept making remarks about how sweet her husband was and said that she should have been grateful he went out of his way like that.

Moreover, they even told her that she should consider apologizing to her husband– something that she was not expecting to hear at all.

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