She Invited Her Friends Over For A Game Night, But After She Caught One Guy Snooping In Her Bedroom Going Through Her Underwear, She Told Everyone To Go Home

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A woman and her husband frequently host game nights at the home, and when they do, they invite a couple of friends over.

Recently, they hosted another one of their game nights, and the evening was going great until her one friend named Nick excused himself to use the bathroom.

She, her husband, and the rest of the friends decided to pause playing until Nick returned, and they began chatting amongst themselves as they waited for Nick to take his seat again.

Suddenly, close to half an hour had gone by, and Nick still had not gotten back from the bathroom.

Thinking this was pretty weird, she got up to go make sure that Nick was ok. As she made her way over to the bathroom, she noticed that the door was wide open, and Nick was certainly not in there.

“I called out his name, but I did not get any response, so I started looking around the house for him,” she explained.

“I caught him walking out of my bedroom, and I asked him what he was doing, to which he responded that he had gotten lost (BTW, there is no bathroom connected to my bedroom, so that isn’t what he was in there for).”

She didn’t buy Nick’s excuse for getting lost for several reasons. The first reason is that her house isn’t that big, so there’s no way that someone could spend 25 minutes trying to find their way around.

The second reason is that when she hosted her last game night a couple of weeks before that one, Nick got up to use the bathroom and easily found his way back that night. It didn’t make sense to her that he forgot where her bathroom was.

gstockstudio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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