She Just Found Out That Her Fiancé Cheated On His Ex-Wife, Left Her, And Then Proposed To His Mistress, But He Won’t Tell Her Why Everything Fell Apart With That Engagement

“We talked about this all night, and I’m still shaking,” she explained. “He says he didn’t tell me because he didn’t want me to run away because he loves me, but he insists he didn’t lie. How is that not a lie?? How can you love someone and not tell them every important thing about you? And now he expects me to marry him knowing what he did in his last marriage? I will literally be a stepmom to his affair child!!”

“I thought this man was the sweetest, most honest, and most trustworthy man I have ever met. I literally had told myself men are all liars because of the things that have happened in my family and specifically to my mom. Until I met him. But nope. He’s a liar too.”

Her fiancé has sworn up and down that he’s a different person, and he has changed, but she’s not convinced. She believes that if he did learn his lesson, he never would have lied to her about his ex-wife and mistress in the first place.

She’s currently contemplating if she should delete every single thing she shared on social media about their wedding and call the entire thing off.

“I don’t even know what to do,” she said. “I put so much money and energy into wedding planning. I was so happy. I seriously just want to run away from all of this and disappear forever before everybody learns how much of an idiot I am for falling for a man like him.”

“I can’t believe I almost married him without knowing. I’m madder at myself at this point because what’s wrong with me for always falling for liars and cheaters? Part of me wants to believe that he’s changed and just forget about all of this. But how can I forget that it was that easy for him to lie to me? And that without his ex telling me, I probably still wouldn’t know.”

She’s concerned that he could be lying to her about other things in their life, and there’s no way that she can just go back to trusting him as she did before finding all of this out. Her relationship with her fiancé seemed like a dream, but now it’s just a nightmare. She’s wondering what she should do from here.

Do you think she should immediately call off her wedding to him?

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