She Let Her Boyfriend Know That He Isn’t Allowed To Spend Christmas With Her And Her Kids This Year Because He Always Ruins It For Them

For example, he refuses to use any electricity at his home, even though he has a wind-powered generator that he happens to also make money off of.

He won’t ever purchase food for himself and prefers to eat the food that she buys in her house.

He also always uses her van and car to get around and won’t pay for gas or stop to put some in.

Her boyfriend also won’t help pay for the maintenance costs on her cars or help pay for repairs if her cars need that.

“He expects me to pay for everything, and so far, I have, with minimal complaint because I’m always worried about being a financial burden or not being worth the expense (I’m working on these issues, and I know he uses them to his advantage),” she said.

“Now, though, Christmas is approaching. This Christmas is my last with my children all together for a while. The two eldest have applied to university, and both are likely to get in.”

Her two oldest children are planning on spending their Christmas breaks at college after they start going, and as for her third youngest child, he’s considering spending next Christmas with her ex-husband.

She really wants this upcoming Christmas to be special for all of them since they won’t be together for every holiday going forward.

“For us, Christmas is spending the day together eating the best food we’ve had all year (homegrown mostly, homemade everything), usually digging out the old PS console, the Wii, and generally having a good laugh in front of the fire. It’s about family and love,” she continued.

“For my partner, it’s about how much he had to spend on stuff he personally doesn’t get the benefit from.”

“So I formally invited him this year, but told him that if there was ANY moaning about money, or how much he hates the hypocrisy of it all, or grumbling about waste (other people’s, not ours, we waste NOTHING haha!) he wouldn’t be allowed to come.”

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