She Met Her Boyfriend’s Parents For The First Time And It Was So Bad She Flew Home Early

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This past weekend, a woman flew out to meet her boyfriend’s mom and dad for the very first time. She was set to spend Saturday and Sunday with her boyfriend’s family, and then they had booked a flight back home this afternoon.

Well, by Sunday night, she was already back home because everything had gone terribly on her trip to meet the parents.

On the day that she and her boyfriend arrived in Canada to spend Canadian Thanksgiving with his parents, they arrived at the airport, and her boyfriend’s parents were there to pick them up.

As soon as she got back to the home of her boyfriend’s parents, they demanded to know if she had any kind of drugs in her bags.

She was horrified that they would even ask something like that, and she let them know that she had Tylenol on her, but that was, of course, it.

Right after they questioned her about carrying any drugs, they showed her to the guest room while her boyfriend got to sleep in his old childhood room.

Next, it was time for dinner, and things only got worse from there.

“His parents were serving dinner, and during dinner, I was asked to pay for my portion of the Thanksgiving dinner ($30),” she explained.

“I was pretty shocked and angry because who does that? I’ve never been asked to pay for someone’s ingredient fees while a guest at their place.”

jr_images – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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