She Met Her Boyfriend’s Parents For The First Time And It Was So Bad She Flew Home Early

“I didn’t answer and then confronted my BF in his room and asked why I was asked to pay. He just says it’s something they ask of their friends as well; when they have a BBQ, they ask people to pay for their portion. Honestly, I’m shocked they have friends.”

She pointed out to her boyfriend that he has been over to her mom and dad’s house tons of times to have dinner with them, and they never asked him to cough up any cash.

Her boyfriend just replied that if they had asked him to pay them, he really wouldn’t have had a problem with that. She was just dumbfounded, as it is really impolite to invite a guest over and then expect them to pay for food.

While she was trying to talk through all of this with her boyfriend, his mom showed up.

“But his mom came and got me and escorted me to my room,” she said. “I was fuming and looking for tickets home and texted my BF to say I was going home tomorrow. He called me and begged me to stay, saying his family already don’t like me for not agreeing to pay for dinner, and I’m just making it worse.”

She hung up, booked an earlier flight home even though it cost her a fortune, called a cab, and left on Sunday morning. When she got home, she filled all of her friends in on what happened, and they agreed that they have never once been asked to come up with money for food while a guest in someone’s house.

“And if they were struggling, why even invite me over? Is this normal practice? Their house was pretty big. I don’t think it was a money thing for them,” she concluded.

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