She Quit Her Job For Her Mental Health Without Having A Backup Plan, And Now She’s Vlogging About What Her Day Looks Like

The pandemic changed a lot of things in our work lives. Going from that daily grind in the office at a desk to suddenly presenting at a board meeting in pajama pants from your couch was a jarring change–and one that is still lingering in the working world today.

But the pandemic also brought about another movement: prioritizing mental health over your job. There has recently been a major push, mostly from corporate employees, towards leaving toxic work environments that are damaging to your mental health and are making you unhappy–even if it means being unemployed for while.

This is exactly the kind of trend that has been floating around TikTok for the past few months. Creators like @thematerialshizz have been quitting their jobs in order to prioritize their mental health.

She now documents her experience as “a millennial who quit her job for her mental health” in a day-in-the-life style series on TikTok.

In her very recent initial day-in-the-life video, she talks about what she’s focusing on now that she is unemployed, given that she has “no backup plan.”

“What does one do when they quit their job, you might ask? Well, number one on the list for me is clean.”

As part of her mental health improvement journey after quitting her job, she’s been focusing on organizing her home.

“Tag along while I declutter my mental space and my actual space,” she told viewers.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot from @thematerialshizz’s video

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