She Showed Up At Her Boyfriend’s Apartment With Gifts On The Morning Of Their Anniversary To Surprise Him, But He Was Furious That She Woke Him Up

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This thirty-three-year-old woman and her boyfriend recently reached a pretty big milestone this past month– their four-year anniversary. And since their official anniversary fell on a weekday, they both decided to celebrate together over the weekend.

However, she still wanted to do something special for her boyfriend on their actual anniversary date and decided to go out of her way to surprise him.

Apparently, they both work from home and do not live together. So, on the morning of their anniversary, she figured she would show up at her boyfriend’s apartment with some gifts.

First, she picked up breakfast and thought it would be nice for them to share a meal together before work. She also purchased a plant, since her boyfriend loves plants, and a box of chocolates. Then, she arrived at his apartment at about 9:00 a.m.

She used to have a key to his apartment, but recently, her key had to be given to her boyfriend’s mother to care for his cat. Anyway, because of that, she was forced to knock on his door.

And afterward, she realized that her boyfriend was taking kind of a while to open up– so she figured that he might have still been asleep.

But, once her boyfriend opened the door, he immediately had a frown on his face, and she realized that he was pissed off that she was there.

“I immediately apologized for waking him up and told him I had just brought a few gifts for him for our four-year anniversary,” she recalled.

To her surprise, though, her boyfriend just responded with a pretty lame “okay.” Then, he walked back into his bedroom and left her alone, still standing in the doorway, holding all of his gifts.

Prostock-studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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