She Threatened To Report Her Mother For Kidnapping After Her Mother Missed Drop-Off And Secretly Took Her Son To The Beach

She was totally taken aback and told her mother that she wanted to know where her son was being taken beforehand– especially because he was only sixteen months old at the time.

“Not to mention, I had already discussed a drop-off time with them,” she added.

“But, my mother is not one to really reason with. It is her way or the highway.”

In fact, whenever she tried to set boundaries in the past, she would get called names and told to go to hell. And since this instance involved her son, she was not going to take any chances.

So, she told her mother that a few of her friends were near the beach and were going to pick up Declan for her. Her mother ended up just refusing, though, and claimed that they needed to “talk” when Declan got dropped off.

She claims that her mother’s idea of “talking” just meant screaming at her in her own driveway, though. And she was not going to let that happen, so she refused.

Anyway, this left her and her mother in a stalemate and forced her to pull out the big guns. More specifically, she told her mother that if Declan was not dropped off, she was going to call the cops and report her mother for kidnapping.

If you could not have guessed it, though, the threat was far from well-received. In fact, her mother just called everyone in her entire family and claimed she was just jealous that Declan was at the beach.

Her mother also claimed that since she is Declan’s grandmother, she is entitled to spoil her grandchild.

And honestly, she admitted that she is totally fine with her mother spoiling Declan– as long as it is within the boundaries she sets for her son.

Anyway, this fight two months ago has left her and her mother in a pretty sticky feud to this day. In fact, her mother actually even blocked her number and claimed that she “broke her heart” and was using Declan as a pawn to hurt her mother.

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