She Told Her Ex That Unless He Stops Using Hair Spray On Their Daughter’s Hair, He Is Going To Lose Visitation

Dmitry Lobanov - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman’s daughter has long and beautiful curly hair. And if I know anything about curly hair, it’s that it is essential to properly care for the curls in order to protect against damage.

So, she typically keeps her daughter’s hair wrapped up in a bun since that has always been the best way to prevent knots from forming.

“And she has a very sensitive scalp, so brushing her hair is a very delicate process,” she added.

But her ex, who is her daughter’s father, does not seem to care about his daughter’s hair or comfort. Instead, she claims that her ex just cares about keeping up an “image.”

For context, her ex takes her daughter for two weekends out of each month. And every single time, her ex douses her daughter’s hair with product.

“He puts so much hair spray in her hair I can literally TASTE it as I am trying to brush it out,” she revealed. Yuck!

And as if that’s not bad enough already, walking around with that cloud of hairspray also makes her daughter choke and cough. This is not good for anyone, but especially her daughter– who already has an inhaler due to a persistent three-month-long cough. And her ex knew that.

So, she has concluded that her ex just cares way too much about his “image” and is taking it out on her daughter.

For instance, he claims that their daughter’s hair looks “scruffy” the way that she does it. But all she does is put a clip on top just to keep the frizz down.

Dmitry Lobanov – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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