She Told Her Ex That Unless He Stops Using Hair Spray On Their Daughter’s Hair, He Is Going To Lose Visitation

“She has such beautiful hair. I only do that to keep it from blowing in her face. Otherwise, I would just leave it,” she vented.

Plus, her ex also says he’s certain that their daughter has split ends. But, according to her, he is bald and has no idea what split ends even are– let alone how to care for hair in the first place. And perhaps shockingly, she actually told him that.

“Mate, you’re bald! You don’t know what split ends look like!” she said.

Anyway, she is just sick and tired of dealing with her ex’s obsession with looking “neat” and “tidy”– because every time she tries to undo what her ex did, her daughter has to suffer some serious pain.

So, she decided to give her ex one last chance. She told him that if he messed up their daughter’s hair one more time, he is no longer allowed to take her daughter over the weekends. And at the time, she thought that would be the best way to get her message across and hopefully save her daughter from any more literal headaches.

After thinking about it more, though, she has begun to wonder if giving her ex such an extreme ultimatum was the wrong thing to do.

If you have curly hair, can you imagine dealing with hairspray knots all the time? Why do you think her ex cares about his “image” so much? Do you believe she had a right to give her ex that ultimatum or not? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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