She Told Her Teen Daughter That Her Grades Were More Important Than Her Pain After She Was In A Car Accident

Anyway, she ended up confronting her daughter afterward about the slip-ups. And at first, her daughter was super quiet and did not know what to say.

But, after she kept on pushing, her daughter ultimately said that she was still suffering pain from the car accident. Shockingly, though, this only pushed her further over the edge.

In fact, she thought that her daughter was blatantly lying to her– especially since the car accident was months ago and her daughter had not mentioned anything about pain since their last conversation.

So, the two ended up getting into a huge argument, and she harshly told her daughter that “her grades matter more than her pain.”

“She is a junior this year. It is not time to be slacking,” she underscored.

Well, if her daughter was already showing signs of despondency before, she was only more withdrawn after hearing that. Her daughter has since locked themself in their room and refuses to talk to anyone. Plus, her daughter even refused to go to school yesterday.

So now, she is at a complete loss about what to do because her daughter has never acted like this. Additionally, she has started to wonder if telling her daughter that her grades were more important than her pain was a really dismissive and jerky thing to do.

Do you think telling her daughter that grades were more important was the right thing to do? Could her daughter possibly be suffering from pain that the general practitioner missed? What would you do in her shoes? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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