She Uninvited Her Recently Widowed Brother From A Family Dinner Party Because He Kept Crying About Losing His Wife

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About two months ago, this twenty-nine-year-old woman’s brother tragically lost his wife to cancer.

And the loss was absolutely world-shattering for her brother, who ended up isolating himself from their entire family for two weeks following his wife’s passing.

Despite this being completely understandable, though, her parents really began to worry about her brother. So, they started inviting him to family events at their house– but the get-togethers never panned out as planned.

“He agrees to come, but then at some point, if someone mentions his wife– even just her name– he begins to sob. I am not exaggerating,” she explained.

In fact, the “sobbing” is apparently so extreme that entire gatherings will turn utterly awkward in a matter of seconds. Plus, she and her family have no idea how to come back from that and salvage the event afterward.

So anyway, her brother’s emotional outbursts have occurred three times already. And last week, when it was her turn to host a family dinner, she was pretty concerned.

“I’m not going to lie; my husband and I were worried the same thing would happen again. And my husband said that it would be almost impossible for no one to mention my brother’s wife at some point,” she recalled.

Then, her husband even suggested that she let her brother “sit this dinner out.” Ouch.

But, after considering his input, she actually came around to the idea. So, she ended up calling up her recently widowed brother and actually took back his dinner party invitation!

Flamingo Images – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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