She Used One Of Her Daughter’s Leftover College Fund To Gift Her A House, And Her Other Daughter Is Furious

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This forty-seven-year-old woman and husband have two daughters– a twenty-five-year-old named Belle and a twenty-three-year-old named Elise.

And since she is an engineer and her husband is a doctor, they are quite well off financially. In fact, by the time both of her daughters were in high school, she and her husband had already saved a whopping one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for each daughter’s college fund.

Anyway, once they realized just how much they had stored away, she and her husband decided to sit down with both Belle and Elise to discuss their daughters’ future plans.

“Belle had always wanted to go to college, while Elise was more neutral about the whole thing,” she revealed.

So, a few years later, Belle ended up getting into a very prestigious but also very expensive college and wiped out their personal college fund to afford it. Plus, Belle was even forced to take out some student loans to cover the rest.

Her daughter has since paid the loans back a year ago, and everything worked out just fine. But Elise, on the other hand, decided to take a much different path than her older sister.

Elise chose to attend a local community college in pursuit of a business degree and landed a job with a company afterward. So, Elise never needed to dip that much into their college fund, and she was able to just put away the rest of Elise’s money.

Well, just a few months ago, Elise was visiting her and her husband and mentioned how they had seen a gorgeous house they had totally fallen in love with. However, the home was very out of her daughter’s price range.

“And I felt bad for Elise and discussed it with my husband, who suggested I give them the college money,” she recalled.

Prostock-studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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