She Was Forced To Tell Her Future Stepmother That Her Father Did Not Own Her House, And Also That She Was Kicking Them Out

Look! - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

When this twenty-three-year-old woman was younger, she and her parents moved into her grandparent’s house– which was located just outside of a major city.

They initially made the move since her dad worked out of town, and her mother wanted some help raising her. Plus, her mom also wanted to keep an eye on her aging parents.

Sadly, though, her mother was diagnosed with cancer and ultimately passed away about twelve years ago. And since her dad had to continue working away from home, she just kept on living with her grandparents.

“I wish my mom had not passed, but I had a pretty good life. My dad always spent time with me when he was home. He would stay in their old room, or we would go on vacations,” she recalled.

But then, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, her grandparents eventually caught the virus. And due to complications, they both ended up passing away, too.

So, since her mother was an only child– and she is also– her grandparents ended up making her the sole beneficiary in their will. In turn, she got an inheritance, her grandfather’s truck, and their home.

Anyway, after losing her grandparents, she continued living in the house alone for a while. During that time, her father also began dating again and eventually met a woman he felt comfortable introducing her to.

Apparently, her father’s new girlfriend was young, pretty, and had two young kids. And after she got to know the woman, and her father and the woman started to get more serious, she was asked if they could move into her house.

She had no problem with that– especially since the house is quite spacious for just one person. So, she agreed and has been living with her father, his girlfriend, and the two young children for about six months now.

Look! – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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