She Went Out With A Guy Who Insisted She Had To Dress Up, But He Took Her To A Fast Food Place

If you date, chances are you have some bad date stories. They may be horribly uncomfortable at the time, but after a while, they become fun to retell to friends at parties.

This bad date story will make you feel a whole lot better about your non-existent love life. Maybe you’ll even feel glad to be single.

Gabby (@respectfullygabby) is a content creator and host of a podcast called Way too Wifey. Her tragic date story involves a guy, a tight dress, and Panda Express.

As she begins her narration, Gabby recalls the time she worked at a gym, and one of the regulars would ask her out every time he came.

Initially, she was reluctant to mix business and pleasure because they’d be forced to see each other constantly if it didn’t work out. Then, one day, she decided to cave in and agreed to go out with him.

On the day of the date, which was going to be at Universal Citywalk in Orlando, the guy texted her requesting that she wear a tight dress and heels. Gabby did not know how to feel about someone telling her what to wear, but she let it slide because she was a fan of a man with a plan. Or so she thought. It turned out that the man had no plan whatsoever.

The first, second, and third restaurants they went to were all booked, not to mention that Gabby was the only person in the vicinity who was dressed to the nines. Finally, he suggested they stop at Panda Express to grab something to eat.

“This man made me dress up in a tight-a** skirt and crop top with stilettos to go to a fast food restaurant,” said Gabby.

TikTok; pictured above is Gabby in her video

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