She’s Breaking Down How To Make Your Own TikTok Filters So You Can Unleash Your Inner Artist

TikTok filters are one of the best things about the app. It’s fun to play around with different makeup looks, play trivia games, or even make a mini presentation with the green screen.

But did you know that you can also make your own TikTok filters? But be warned: there are a lot of steps.

TikTok creator, @art_by__alyssa, introduced this facet to viewers in her video about how to draw your own TikTok filters.

She begins by saying that there’s a specific platform to go to, called Effect House, in order to start creating a filter.

The wild part is that TikTok has opened this feature up to anyone– you don’t have to be a developer at TikTok to add to their archive of filters!

“Anyone on TikTok can make TikTok filters,” she said.

Alyssa mentions that it’s important to have a TikTok account, as you must log into it through Effect House.

Once you log in, download the Effect House software onto your computer. The app should then appear on your home screen, and you are free to create whatever you desire!

TikTok; pictured above is Alyssa in her video

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