She’s Convinced Her Best Friend Has Autism But Hasn’t Been Diagnosed, And Her Best Friend’s Behavior Is Making Major Problems In Their Group Of Friends

“I had slept on the first date with a guy months ago. She knew this. And so this is what she thought of me?”

Three of her friends suspect that Claire has Autism but that she just has yet to be diagnosed. One of these three friends is actually a therapist, and she feels this friend is qualified to make that assumption. These three friends also do admit that Claire is super smart, and they do adore having conversations with Claire, even if it is difficult to be emotional around her.

Claire just comes off as a jerk, though, and she really rubs them the wrong way a lot. She decided to confide in her therapist about Claire, and her therapist thinks that the next time Claire says something insensitive or mean, she should question her on if she’s alright before stating that she feels hurt by her words and suggesting she should speak to a therapist too.

She’s not convinced that is the best way to deal with Claire’s behavior because she’s honestly scared to confront her.

“I’m terrified of having a conversation with Claire,” she continued. “She is confrontational and goes from zero to 100 easily if she feels attacked. I do like our friendship for the most part, but this isn’t just a me problem anymore.”

Do you think she should handle Claire in the way her therapist suggested, or do you see another way to effectively deal with Claire?

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