She’s Losing The Attraction That She Has For Her Boyfriend Because He Doesn’t Try To Get Dressed Up

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A 24-year-old girl is dating a guy a decade older than she is, and when they initially started dating, she noticed he had a casual way of dressing.

Unfortunately, as time has gone on, her boyfriend has been dressing sloppier and sloppier to the point where she’s losing the attraction that she has for him.

At this point, her boyfriend pretty much only wears tees and gym shorts. He never wants to put on jeans, and although they do live where it’s hot, she desperately wants him to try to make an effort to get dressed up on occasion.

Frequently, her boyfriend will pick some bad clothes to wear too. For example, his shorts end up being really short, his tees don’t fit him well, or he won’t wear any underwear with his gym shorts.

When her boyfriend chooses to dress like this, she does say something, and then he ends up accusing her of ragging on his style when all she’s trying to do is get him not to dress like a slob.

“I enjoy looking pretty, I want to wear nice dresses and heels when we go out, yet I feel so awkwardly overdressed next to him because the most I can get him to wear is jeans and a short sleeve,” she explained.

“Sometimes he’ll even keep a baseball cap on at nice bars, rooftop restaurants, generally more fancy places. I’m losing my attraction to him, I feel embarrassed to be out with him sometimes.”

“It’s so attractive when I see men look put together. I go out and see men in nice dress shirts and slacks, and it’s so attractive to me. Even a nicely fitted t-shirt and jeans are a turn-on now.”

She looks at other guys and sees that they make an effort to look nice, and she desperately wants her boyfriend to do the same thing.

theartofphoto – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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