She’s Pretty Positive That She Just Invited Her Fiancé’s Mistress Into Their House

She could hear him kind of screaming at the person on the other end, and he said things like he didn’t want them to come and that something was none of their business.

Suspicious, right? Was it a work call? Probably definitely not.

“Today, a young woman who looks like she was in her mid-20s rang our doorbell,” she explained.

“My fiancé opened the door, and it was his coworker. She said she was visiting our city for a friend’s wedding and thought “she would stop by to say hi” (her words). I followed my fiancé as he came to open the door and stood in the back to greet her. She smiled at me and said that she’s heard a lot about me. I froze and gave her an awkward smile. Then, I watched my fiancé’s reaction, and something about it just made my stomach turn.”

Instead of greeting his coworker, the very first thing that her fiancé did was demand to know why this young woman had decided to come.

He then questioned his coworker about why she had not informed him before showing up, and her fiancé was clearly extremely upset.

Her fiancé’s coworker stated that she didn’t think it would be a big deal since she was in the area.

Next, her fiancé began screaming at his coworker, insisting that she was not allowed to drop by his place without any warning.

He kept berating her, saying he was super busy and had no time to “catch up” with her at all. Her fiancé’s coworker stood there looking ruffled, and his coworker attempted to talk to him, but he wasn’t hearing it.

Her fiancé wouldn’t let his coworker speak and said over and over again that he was too busy that day.

Strangely enough, she knew that he didn’t have anything planned. She really had no clue what was going on, and just as her fiancé was about to start shouting at his coworker again, she intervened.

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