She’s Refusing To Care For Her Half-Sister In The Event Of An Emergency Because Her Father Cheated On Her Mother With A Girl Her Own Age

This only recently became an issue, though, after she went to visit her father for his birthday last week.

While there, he and his wife pulled her aside, asked to talk to her, and then dropped a total bomb.

“They said they wanted me to be the legal guardian of my half-sister in case something happened to them– mainly because I have the means for it,” she explained.

Apparently, her stepmother’s parents are able to care for her half-sister– but only to a certain point. So, her father was hoping that she would step up and care for the “innocent child.”

But, she was honest and told her father no– and not because she cared about the financial investment, but just because she did not want to.

“I am not close to my half-sister, and currently, I don’t see or want myself taking care of a child– much less the reminiscent of my mom’s last heartbreak,” she vented.

So, she basically just told her father that she would be willing to pass along a monthly check– much like a child support payment– but that she is not able to help in any greater capacity.

Her father did not take her response well, though. In fact, he actually broke down into tears, claimed that her half-sister was his baby, and claimed that she had an opportunity to be a “good sister” like she was raised to be.

That comment actually made her laugh out loud, though, and she told her father that he had no right to talk about “goods” and “wrongs.”

She also noted how her father and his new wife should have thought about this before cheating and having another child.

Then, her stepmother got so pissed off that she ended up getting called a monster before being kicked out of her father’s house.

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