She’s Refusing To Give Her Instagram Handle To Her Brother-In-Law’s Fiancée, And Now Her Entire Family Has Turned Against Her 

Oleg Gekman - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-five-year-old woman got married to her husband last year. And before that, she never really used social media much.

In fact, she would just go on her husband’s account whenever she wanted to scroll online.

But, after tying the knot, she decided to finally create an Instagram account and used the handle Mrs. [last name].

“Now, I have seventy-nine followers– consisting of friends, family, and coworkers– eleven posts, and I post some stories once in a while. I mostly use my account to watch reels and keep updated on my favorite celebrities,” she explained.

However, after her brother-in-law proposed to his fiancée, Tanya, her social media profile created a ton of drama. Well, more specifically, her account handle.

Basically, once her brother-in-law marries Tanya, she and Tanya will have the same last name. And while she was helping Tanya create her wedding registry last week, she realized that Tanya was gunning for her Instagram handle.

It all began when Tanya proposed that she give away the Mrs. [last name] account handle as her wedding gift.

Apparently, Tanya claimed that it would mean a lot to her– but she did not really want to give up the name.

So, she suggested that Tanya just add an underscore, a period, or even numbers to the Instagram handle. However, Tanya apparently commented how that would just ruin the “username aesthetic” and that she would never use it.

Oleg Gekman – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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