She’s Refusing To Take Care Of Her Ex-Husband’s Daughter While He Undergoes Surgery

It later came out that the mistress never really wanted kids; instead, the mistress just wanted her ex-husband but realized that her ex would never love anyone more than his children.

On top of leaving, though, her ex’s mistress actually passed away just six months later. So, her ex was left with a new baby who had no mother and turned to her for help.

“He wanted me to get involved with his daughter. He told me his ex wasn’t coming back, and he had three kids with two parents and one with just him,” she revealed.

“But I told him I would never be that little girl’s mother.”

Don’t get me wrong, though: she holds nothing against the little girl. She recognizes that her ex’s daughter is just an innocent child who is also her children’s half-sister. So, she has been friendly and interacts with her ex’s daughter on occasion– just not in a motherly capacity.

And this arrangement worked out just fine for a while until recently, when she found out that her ex would be undergoing a pretty large surgery soon.

Apparently, her ex has been suffering from health problems for years now, and this surgery is very important.

The problem, though, is that while her ex gets the surgery and recovers, he will have no one to watch his daughter. So, again, she was asked to help him out.

This time, though, her ex also threw in an even bigger request. He asked if she would be willing to become his daughter’s guardian in the event that something happened to him.

She was shocked and was forced to reiterate her boundaries to her ex. But he just did not understand.

In fact, he kept begging her and claiming that it would be better for his daughter to be with family rather than with a friend of his who has no children. Then, he even tried to get their children involved– even after she kept refusing.

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