She’s Tired Of Her Friend’s Fiancé Coming To All Of Their Events, So When He Showed Up At Her Birthday Dinner, She Made Him Leave

opolja - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 27-year-old girl has a friend a year older than her who got engaged not too long ago. This friend of hers is the very first girl in their group to get a ring on her finger, and they are all thrilled for her.

Despite how cheerful they are about their friend’s engagement, they all have taken note of something they find strange.

As soon as their friend got engaged, her fiancé started showing up to every single one of their events that they expected to include just the girls.

But before their friend got proposed to, her fiancé never once invited himself to anything, which leaves them wondering what’s going on and what changed.

“Her fiancé is ALWAYS there,” she explained. “I mean, every event my friend is invited to, he’s there. Girls’ night out? He’s there.”

“Weekend getaway? He’s there. Movie night with the gang? He’s there. He. Is. Always. There. We are all singles, so he’s the only guy in our chillings. For my birthday this year, I wanted to do a little dinner at one of the girl’s condos.”

“Movies, board games, good food. I really wanted it to be only girls since two of the group are religious (one Jewish, one Muslim) and would be able to remove their veil and dress “less modestly” (a term they used). So I specifically told my friend to NOT bring her fiancé as it is only girls.”

Her friend said it wasn’t a big deal for her to leave her fiancé at home and that she was looking forward to the birthday dinner.

The evening of her birthday dinner arrived, and there she was sitting with her girlfriends in her friend’s condo when the door rang.

opolja – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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