Teal, Blue, And Purple Jack-O-Lanterns: What They Mean & How These Color-Coded Treat Buckets Are Helping Children Stay Safe This Halloween

Color-Coded Pumpkins & What They Mean

First up is the teal-colored pumpkin, which was the original trendsetter for this color-coded movement that started back in 2012.

Teal represents allergy awareness. So, if you see a child carrying a teal jack-o-lantern, that means that non-edible items, such as glowsticks, are a much better treat option.

And if you do not have a non-edible treat to distribute– don’t sweat it. It is much better to be safe and decline your possibly allergen-containing candy than be sorry.

Next is the blue pumpkin bucket, which signifies that the child carrying it has Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

This #BluePumpkin movement was inspired by the teal pumpkin bucket and helps alerts community members of general behavior. For example, children may be unable to make eye contact, tolerate wearing a mask, or verbally interact.

But, just like any other child, this does not mean that they are not thrilled to be engaging in the Halloween festivities!

Finally, purple pumpkins are a part of the Purple Pumpkin Project– an effort to spread epilepsy awareness and raise funds for research.

Children also carry purple pumpkin buckets to start an open conversation about their experience with the disorder and, in the event of an emergency, inform community members of their diagnosis.

How You Can Get Involved

The teal, blue, and purple pumpkin movements have each spurred massive chatter on social media.

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