The Guy That She Formerly Crushed On In College Currently Works For Her And She Has Some Serious Dating Advice For Women In Their 20s Based On Her Experience

A 30-year-old woman has some serious dating advice for women in their twenties when it comes to working with a former crush who might not have given you a second thought in the past.

Claire Parker (@clairethescare) shared a TikTok video featuring her former crush named Sam, who currently works for her.

Claire met Sam during her first year of college and developed a huge crush on him. At the time, he worked as a resident DJ at a high-class nightclub called 1 Oak, which she thought was extraordinarily cool.

They did not end up dating because, in Claire’s words: “He was too cool for me.” So what did Claire do instead?

She discovered her passion, focused on her career, and worked on self-improvement, becoming the successful woman she is now.

Twelve years later, she ended up reconnecting with Sam, and that is how he became her manager.

Claire is engaged to someone else, with absolutely zero romantic feelings lingering for Sam. But she is still mind-blown by the fact that he works for her now.

“Every single day, I wake up and think about the man I love, and he [Sam] thinks about me and my career and sends emails on my behalf,” said Claire.

TikTok; pictured above are Claire and Sam

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