The Hot Girl Walk Has To Be One Of The Coolest Community-Building Activities We’ve Ever Heard Of, And Here’s What It Is If You Don’t Know About It

We’ve discovered what might just be one of the coolest community-building activities we’ve ever heard of. If you’re a Miami resident, pay attention!

One of the latest fitness trends is the “hot girl walk.” The hot girl walk began on TikTok when women around the country started walking outside during the pandemic to escape the stress of quarantine, get dressed, leave the house, and feel good in their bodies.

Although we are under fewer pandemic restrictions these days, the hot girl walk trend has not died down. It’s more than just a daily walk, it’s like a lifestyle.

Over the past few months, a group of Miami-based influencers found a way for women to not only squeeze in their daily hot girl walks but make new friends in the process.

‘Hot Girl Walk Miami’ is an organization that hosts long, leisurely hot girl walks in Miami that local women are welcome to join at any time.

The goal is for women to get in their exercise while meeting new people and engaging in some great conversation along the way.

The walks happen at a certain location in Miami at 9:00 am every Saturday. The walks often take place in parks with gorgeous views of the beach!

A Miami-based wellness influencer named Gabriela is one of the founders and organizers of Hot Girl Walk Miami.

TikTok; pictured above is Gabriela in her video

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