The U.S. Department of Defense Actually Released A 31-Page Plan To Combat A Potential Zombie Apocalypse

One category includes your typical zombies created by pathogens and airborne bacteria. Another consists of zombies spurred by unknown or mystical means. And perhaps humorously, another category includes vegetarian zombies who have an insatiable craving for grains.

But, just one zombie category is truly based in reality– chicken zombies. This very real threat originated back in 2006 when some chickens were unsuccessfully euthanized using carbon monoxide in Petaluma, California.

The failure resulted in actual “haunted hens” emerging from piles of the dead and clucking around until their bodies eventually died of organ failure. How unsettling!

Finally, the eradication strategy even outlines the potential legal ramifications in the event you have to attack a zombie. Don’t fret, though– the national and international laws that prohibit military violence only apply to humans and animals.

So, if you have to square up against a member of the undead, you are entirely free to do whatever is necessary. Phew! Anyway, with Halloween right around the corner and the final season of “The Walking Dead” premiering next month, you can now rest assured that we are prepared for any zombie-related scenario.

But, to read up on the Counter-Zombie Dominance Plan and prepare yourself even further, you can visit the link here

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