The Veil Between Worlds Might Be Thin This Year, But That Does Not Mean You Shouldn’t Dress Up For Halloween

The thread gained over three hundred and thirty responses, and thankfully, they all shared a resounding “no.” According to them, the watchdogs of TikTok have got it all wrong– and since the veil really is thin, dressing up should be encouraged.

“The whole point of wearing a mask is because the veil is thin. TikTok is trash. Those ‘witches’ are uneducated and are incapable of thinking critically,” responded one Reddit user.

Perhaps harsh, but also very helpful!

“The tradition is to wear masks in Samhain– later known as Halloween– to ‘trick’ ghosts and spirits and avoid them,” added a second user.

“I do feel like the veil is quite thin this year, maybe a little more than the year before this one. It might just be my impression, though, and has nothing to do with wearing a costume or not,” they continued.

“If the spirits come, it is going to happen whether you wear a costume or not. So, do whatever you want, and don’t take TikTok too seriously. Most people don’t know about spirituality and want attention.”

So, there you have it, folks. If you were worried, fear no more– because this Halloween, you can be as terrifying as you like, and if anything, the spookier your costume, the better. Phew!

To read the complete Reddit thread, visit the link here.

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