This 16-Year-Old Just Found Out That The Real Reason Her Parents Got Divorced Is Because Her Dad Cheated On Her Mom With A Teenager, So She Yelled At Him

“It came out that my dad had been unfaithful to my mom,” she said. “He and this girl (who apparently was around 18/19) were together for 10 months before my mom found out via photos that the girl’s mom posted on Facebook of them together.”

“Expected drama ensued, and during the divorce process, my dad got engaged to the girl. He tried to introduce her to me, he told me that “she was my new mommy,” but I was cold towards her. I had to see her more after that and just never warmed up to her. They broke it off in 2014 for some reason, and that was that.”

As soon as she did get to the bottom of the divorce, she absolutely freaked out on her dad. She screamed at him for destroying their family for a teenager he didn’t even know. She screamed at him for ruining her mom and the trust that her mom had in him. She screamed at him for trying to force this teenager he cheated with on her.

She screamed at him for attempting to get her to accept his mistress as her “new mom.” She screamed at him for watching as she stopped eating and speaking at 6-years-old because she was so upset and felt that she was the reason why her mom and dad split, and never once did he own up to the divorce.

“He argued back that it was none of my business, and my uncle (who let this whole thing slip) defended me and said he thought I knew, which is why he said it, and I had every right to be upset,” she continued. “I ended up storming out and stayed the night at a friend’s. I gave him the story, and he said that he understood I was upset, but it wasn’t my place to yell at him.”

“I’m confused with everything I feel too. I was young when they split; I wouldn’t have expected them to tell me at that age, but when I was older. Part of me doesn’t feel like it’s my place to be upset; another part of me thinks I have every right to be upset at both him AND my mom since she never told me anything either.”

Do you think she was justified in screaming at her dad when she found out that he caused her parents to get divorced?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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